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Natural butterflies all the year round
The best exotic present for lovely person

Ася Закуркина
Фото: Олег Закуркин, Киев

Тропические растения, морские аквариумы, рептилии и даже хищные животные уже стали относительно привычными в домах горожан, а вот живые тропические бабочки все еще остаются экзотикой! Люди всегда восхищались красотой этих созданий. Изящные различные формы и невероятные краски переливающихся крыльев поражают...
The main region for a butterfly is … a tail

Larisa Bozhko "Segodnya"

"Segodnya"'s correspondents in a rainforest caught by hands giant Atlases and forecasted weather by them. Actually we got to the first in CIS standing or, rather, permanently flying exhibition of tropical butterflies in Kiev Zoo.
The butterfly for the madam

Yaroslava Artyushenko "Komsomolskaya pravda"

Today it is very cool to present insects as birthday gifts, to launch living salutes at weddings and purely keep them at home. The sole farm in Ukraine, that is specializes in breeding of tropical butterflies is placed in a few kilometers from Kiev.
A salute from living tropical butterflies is the last word in fashion among well-off Ukrainians

Andrey Smeyan, Artyom Bagrov, Ruslan Bogdan. The first channel

It is a prestigious and expensive present, which worth thousands dollars. "A salute from butterflies" in one's time was presented to Viktor Yuschenko, Yulia Timoshenko and Leonid Kuchma. Such a salute from butterflies costs one thousand dollars. The fashion of presenting of living salutes came to Ukraine from Russia. In Moscow, these gifts were presented to politicians. However, the record is held to Ukraine.
Tropical butterflies, homebred ones

Newspaper in a Kiev manner

On 1 May a unique exposition of the butterflies, which have been bred in Kiev, opens in the Zoo.
A business with wings


Since this May, Kiev Zoo may boast of the fact that there is a unique enclosure in it - a house of tropical butterflies. In such a beautiful and romantic way, they name the greenhouse, in which variegated butterflies flutter among green plants.
A unique exhibition of living tropical butterflies opened in the capital zoo

Olga Smetanskaya “Facts”

Tropical butterflies are so beautiful that they are comparable with fluttering flowers. Scarlet, violaceous, emerald green - what colors are not present only! Some of them even have flavors, for example, of lemon balm or cognac. In Europe only Englishmen, Austrian and Hollanders may boast of having such expositions.
Butterflies are born in morning

Anatoly Potash “Vecherniy Kiev”

The exposition is unique by not only exceptional exoticism of big and having bright wings, supposedly tame, butterflies, which gracefully flit from one plant to other, regale themselves with nectar of flowers and plainly perch on hands, heads and shoulders of visitors, but also the fact that it is the only one on a territory of formed Soviet World.
In Kiev Zoo an exhibition of exotic butterflies is opened

NTN | Kiev in time

During last 3 years, workers of the Zoo have created a Tropical forest. Unique specimens of flora and fauna, which originally live in tropics, were collected in a pavilion. Now a new opportunity appears to place a collection of exotic butterflies.
The exhibits with wings


Since this May, Kiev Zoo may boast of presence of exhibition of tropical butterflies. A house of tropical butterflies, in such a beautiful and romantic way, they name the greenhouse, in which variegated butterflies flutter among green plants.
Giant butterflies appear in Kiev

Novyy kanal

The first in CIS and East Europe exhibition of living tropical butterflies opened in the capital zoo. Exotic Asiatic and American butterflies and moths will live right in the center of Kiev.
Order of alive butterflyes:
e-mail: info@babochka.kiev.ua
+38 /044/ 332 44 54
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